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A new version of the authors map has been created for the YAPC::EU. This time, instead of CPANTS’ data, we used CPANDB and Task::Kensho to create a seed of modules.

Task::Kensho is a project from the EPO, which lists some Perl modules recommended for modern Perl development. CPANDB is a project from Adam Kennedy, and it’s an unified database for the CPAN index.



  • Node count: 840
  • Edge count: 2248

The authors from this map are the one extracted from the new distributions map. There is a lot of informations on this map, so I will explain how to read it.

  • The size of a node represents the number of modules an author has released on the CPAN
  • An edge is created when an author uses a module from another author
  • The size of the label represents the number of inbound links. The more uses of this author’s modules by other authors, the bigger the label
  • The color represent the average kwalitee of an author
  • The thickness of an edge depends on the number of modules by an author used by another author

So if we look at the map, we can see that:

  • Adam Kennedy releases a lot of modules on the CPAN, but few of them are used by other CPAN developpers on the CPAN, so he gets a big green node, with a small label
  • Giles Aas has few modules released on the CPAN, but they are extremely used (like LWP and URI), so the size of the node is small, but the label is much bigger
  • The size of the edge between Rocco Caputo and Chris Williams is important, because Rocco releases the POE distribution, and Chris Williams releases a lot of POE extensions

And to conclude, we still have our Modern Perl authors cluster, on the top of the map, with developpers like Stevan Little, Yuval Kogman, Marcus Ramberg, Florian Ragwitz, …

As for the previous maps, Gephi was used to do the spatialization.


These documents are all licenced under the creative commons licence. You can open .gexf graph files with the opensource editor Gephi.

Authors: graph

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We used data available from the CPANTS database to reconstruct the relationships between developers inside the CPAN.



A graph node is an author : a Perl developer having commited a distribution (a software library) to CPAN.
An edge is a relationship between two authors : one (or both) of these two authors relies on the package developed by the other.


We used a force-directed based layout algorithm on the graph. Each node is affected by a repulsion force by all other nodes, except for nodes having a connection with him (attraction force).
As a result, the stronger the relationship is (ie. more packages involved), the nearest the two authors will be.
Some special authors

The Modern Perl party

  • Developers from Moose, Catalyst, DBIx::Class..
  • In the upper left part – one can see Steven, Sartak, perigin, jrockway, mstrout, nothingmuch, marcus ramberg
  • jrockway / steven / nothingmuch form a small cluster


These documents are all under the creative commons licence. You can open .gexf graph files with the opensource editor Gephi 0.6. These graphs contains only the “core” of CPAN.